We’ve Moved!

Hi everyone, and welcome to Kotori, a blog about passion.
Yes, that’s right, passion! Both my partner and I are moved by it, and all our projects are fueled by it. We believe in the strength of passion and we let it be our guide in every step we take. That’s why we’ve moved our blog here and extinguished our old one. It had no room for passion.



So, this is who we are:

That's me!mix Jo e Putumayo 1


Jo and I are married, partners in business and in passion. Our greatest common passions are: art, history, crafts, literature, culture, folklore, movies and theater, sewing and our fashion doll collection. This last passion is about to bear fruits which will be blogged about pretty soon. Here’s a sneak peak!


This blog will be built with passion. We’ll portray our fashion dolls here, tell their tales, share our treasures and culture and use our posts as fuel for more and more creativity.

Dasha and Takeo 2

Let passion be your guide and enjoy our blog!


Marcela & Joane.


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