Treasure Hunting At Feira Da Providência 2013 – Rio de Janeiro

Every year in our home town there’s a huge charity event aiming at raising funds to help poor children having a decent life. That event is called Feira Da Providência, and it’s sort of a world fair in which many countries bring crafts and products they donate to be sold to raise the funds these children need. The annual fair completed 53 years of existence this year.


Flags Outside Riocentro

Flags from participating countries outside Riocentro Pavillion at Barra Da Tijuca

The fair is maintained by charity organs inside the Catholic Church, and that’s why it always has religious mottos as annual themes. The motto for 2013 was “The Year Of The Word”. It makes reference to both the Biblical word and the visit of the new Pope to Rio this last July during a Catholic Youth event. The poster was created by the awesome artist Ziraldo.


The artist Ziraldo has developed all the posters since the fair’s first edition!

The fair is one of the best oportunities to get in touch with foreign cultures, languages and crafts! There are hundreds of different faces to see, and the buzz of so many different languages gets you dizzy like a fast turning kaleidoscpe would. The best part was being able to get to know the artisans and learn about their many talents. Among the highlights, I’d point the exquisite filé lace, which is handwoven by artisans from the Northeastern states of Brazil into all kinds of clothes and home accessories, the ceramics from the Isle of Marajó in the state of Pará, The colorful embroideries made by my fellow cariocas here in Rio, lovely Peruvian miniatures, African crafts and waxed fabrics, and silken scarves from the Orient!

Crafts Collage2

Crafts from all over the world can be found at the fair. Here we’ve portrayed wood crafts and embroideries from Rio de Janeiro, Filé lace from Alagoas, Ceramics from Marajó, A collage of our beautiful hometown, fuxico bags and mini clay animals from Peru. Pictures taken by Joane with her mobile phone.

And here’s our loot! The fair was a great chance for us to get gorgeous exclusive fabrics and laces from far places in Brazil, that we will include in our doll fashion collection!


Can’t wait for the next treasure hunt!



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