Street Style Fit To Scale – The Curious Case Of The Kenzo Sweaters

Blame it on Kenzo! A few seasons ago designers Humberto Leon and Carol Lim brought sweaters and sweatshirts back to the streets, carrying iconic symbols of the equally iconic label they design for. The controversial trend took the streets from fall to spring and then fall again, and it’s still out there.

 Here are some Kenzo sweatshirts on the street:

Ever since their powerful comeback, each season sweaters and sweatshirts just bounce back into our wardrobes in sightly different colors and shapes… And why not into our dolls’ wardrobe too, right? So these are some awesome ways to adapt what’s on the streets to your dolls’ wardrobe…

From all these options, our top favorite is Alexa Chung’s lovely look. It inspired us to do this styling: (Please don’t mind the logo on the doll’s foot. It belonged to our old blog).

Street Style Alexa Chung e Candinha def

So here it is, fashion doll style fresh from real life streets!

Doll: Tropicalia Convention FR2 Infallible Dasha. Sweater by me, Shirt: Nu Face Urban Outfitter Nadja R. doll, Skirt: Mattel Model On Location Milan doll, Shoes: Mattel Versus Versace Doll, Bag: FR Nippon Summer Blues Misaki, Bracelets: Integrity Toys.

Candinha sweatshirt 2

Photos taken by me. Camera: Canon Powershot A 620

And how about you guys? How do you like sweaters? Are they a Yay or a No Way? Can’t wait to hear from you!


That's me!


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